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I've created this plugin to have all the things I need in one place and to be exactly what I want, and I hope you like it too.


Currently, this plugin can do the following:

  • It gives you an emergency operator by using the code in the Google Authenticator.
  • Offers the ability to delete the global chat or for a particular player.
  • It gives you the ability to force a player to write something in chat or to execute a particular command.
  • Players who have prohibited words in their names are automatically kicked before they join server.
  • Automatically saves all sanctions in your database if you want.
  • Add a system for mentions.
  • It gives you the ability to set special messages when a player in a particular group enters the server or exits the server.
  • If a player uses inappropriate language, they will automatically get muted and the words can be configured in config.
  • Protects staff members against the players who ask for help and have bad intentions.


To do:

  • I have nothing in mind at the moment, I'm waiting for your suggestions.



() = required
[] = optional

/bx-core op (Google 2FA Code) - You get operator in case of emergency.
/clearchat [player] - Erases global chat or for a particular player. (Aliases: /cc, /bcc )
/vent - Forces a player to write a message or execute a command.



bx_core.clearchat - Gives you access to the command /clearchat.

bx_core.vent - Gives you access to the command /vent.
bx_core.vent.exempt - Protects you from other players with command /vent access.

Automatically mute for restricted words
bx_core.auto_lang_mute.exempt - You are not automatically sanctioned if you use restricted words.

Join/Leave messages
bx_core.join_leave.RANK- Displays login and disconnect message for specified rank. (More information can be found in the join_leave_messages.xml file)

Sanctions logging
bx_core.sanctions_logging.exempt - When you punish a player, the penalty will not be saved in the database.

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