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Important! -Update 1.1.0-
Started by BaxAndrei



Staff Team - Play
11 Jun 2011

-Update 1.1.0-


    Hello community.We are happy to announce that the -Update 1.1.0- is finally LIVE.

    After many weeks of hard thoughts we finally decided to publish the first ever official update of our Minecraft Community Server.

    With this updated,we aim to improve player-experience,gameplay-experience as much as we can in this state and also add some variety when it comes to balancing the economy on the server.
Many of you guys are wondering if and when we will move the server to 1.14...well, unfortunatly many of our resources that we use on the server have not been yet fully updated nor balanced enough for us to start making this change. We will try to help as much as we can to get things up and running on the latest version soon enough.
    With that introduction done,let's get more in-depth with the changes.

1. Server becoming International.

    We decided to open the gates of our community to more countries. The main reason for this is that we want to create a more friendly and overall open-minded place where all the player from around the world can experience and see with their own eyes the potential that this community has.

2. Trade System.

   This new system has been added to simply prevent scams on the server. You can trade by using SHIFT + Right-Click on the player you want to trade with or by using the command : /trade [name]. This makes for a user-friendly system that a new player can easily understand.

3. MobArena.

    We wanted to bring a new experience to the server so we introduced a fun new activity that involves defeating monsters solo or in a team up to 5 players in an enclosed arena. By participating in this, you can win Crate-Keys and $$$. There is a lobby where you can choose to conquer one of five arenas. To join the lobby you can use /mobarena.

4. Revamped Spawn.

    We decided to change the spawn-point location and reworked the whole structure for a more pleasing appearance.

5. Revamped Shop.

   The shop has been changed both in design and structure size, and also we added more items that players can both buy and sell.

6. Improved Website.

    The apperience of the website has been updated with a new interface for a much quicker navigation.

7. Minor bug fixes.

    The majority of bugs reported by players have been fixed.

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