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Important! Community Guidelines
Started by BaxAndrei



Staff Team - Play
11 Jun 2011
Community rules.
This article may be subject to change over time, we recommend that you review it periodically, thanks.

1. Your username, avatar and signature.
   1.1. The username can not contain vulgar words or racist words.
   1.2. The username is not allowed to match the names of the team members.
   1.3. The avatar and/or signature can not contain any kind of pornographic or racist image. (This includes 'NSFW' (not safe for work) because among us there are users who visit us from work or public spaces).
   1.4. The avatar and/or signature can not contain any image/message regarding cruelty to humans and/or animals.
   1.5. Signature can not contain videos and/or FLASH objects.

2. Opening a new topic.
   2.1. Make sure you are in the right category before opening a new topic.
   2.2. Use 'Search' before opening a topic because there may already be a subject with the same subject line.
   2.3. Give a suggestive title to the topic in order to receive a response as quickly as possible.
   2.4. It is not allowed to open or support by posting topics that are meant to store irrelevant information as a result of violation of the off-topic/post-hunt rules.

3. Posting guidelines.
   3.1. Off-Topic, Spam and Post-Hunt.

      3.1.1. Off-Topic is a post that has nothing to do with the subject. (This posting method is not allowed.)
      3.1.2. Post-hunt refers to posts based on their quantity and not the meaning. Posts containing a poor text or generic responses are considered post-hunt.
      3.1.3. Spam defines excessive posting in a certain category of unnecessary topics and/or posts or the same topic/answer.

   3.2. Double post.
      3.2.1. Double posting is not allowed, use the 'edit' button.
      3.2.2. It is not considered a double post if the two posts were published over a 24-hour period.
      3.2.3. Double posting is not considered if the interval is a few seconds because a connection conflict can occur resulting in a fast double posting.

   3.3. Fonts, colors, emoticons and/or text sizes.
      3.3.1. Excessive and/or abusive use of colors, fonts, emoticons and text size is forbidden.
      3.3.2. Colors, text sizes, and fonts are used to highlight an idea, a fragment of a sentence, not to "paint" any subject and/or message.

4. Language.
   4.1. The use of a vulgar language brings about permanent suspension of account on the community. (Here is also the partial censorship of vulgar words)
   4.2. We do not tolerate insulting registered members in the community in any language (English, German or any other language). The challenge to strike/injuries is also punished with temporary or permanent suspension on a case-by-case basis.
   4.3. The racist offense is punished with permanent suspension.
   4.4. The sanctions are also applied to private messages sent over the community.

5. Advertise.
   5.1. The advertise refers to the presentation of a site in order to attract as many visitors as possible. Any subject, signature, avatar or private message of this kind will be sanctioned by permanent suspension of the member and removal of the content.
   5.2. It is not considered advertising the disclosure of information pages.
   5.3. It is not considered advertising the listing of pages in certain places in the community (Warning: It is not considered advertising, only if the address is related to the topic of the discussion!).
   5.4. Advertising is not considered as advertising for certain pages for image hosting services or videos for complaints or such action requiring evidence.
   5.5. Addresses with redirects to pages displaying ads are forbidden and lead to temporary or permanent suspension as appropriate, including the reference addresses to browser games.

6. User complaints.
   6.1. If you think of a message and/or subject that violates Community Guidelines, you can report it by clicking the "Report" button.
   6.2. If you think a user has violated Community Guidelines, you can report it through a private message to a staff member.

7. Bugs and suggestions.
   7.1. If you have a community-based suggestion, you can send it to a staff member in a private message.
   7.2. If you detect a bug on the community, you can send it to a staff member in a private message.

8. Section regulations.
   8.1. Some sections of the community are governed separately by a local regulation. We recommend reading the regulations carefully to ensure that you are not penalized.

9. Piracy.
   9.1. It is strictly forbidden to open any topic about piracy.

To the reader's attention!
  • Unknowing of Community Guidelines is not a plausible excuse.
  • Registering an account on our community is the agreement regarding the above mentioned regulation.
  • In any other situation unforeseen by the regulation, the community leadership has the final say.

Last update: 31/05/2019.
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