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Important! -Update 2.1.0-
4 months ago

-Update 2.1.0-


The creative world has been disabled from play1 and is no longer available. This is due to bad intent players.

On both servers a new fly system was added on time. Fly time can be obtained every day when you log on to the server (it is automatically given) or if you first enter the server. You also get time when you vote. To activate this type of fly, use the /tf or /tf help command for help.

The /fly command was removed from Titan ...

Important! -Update 2.0.0-
4 months ago

-Update 2.0.0-


Hi all! We are happy to announce that the server has received another update. First of all, we apologize for the inactivity of the staff, but we were very busy with our personal lives. But now we have returned to take the community to a whole new level.


This update is based more on performance, improvement and stability.


First of all, all servers were merged into one BungeeCord instance to make it easi...

Important! -Update 1.1.1_b-
7 months ago

-Update 1.1.1_b-


Important! -Update 1.1.1-
8 months ago

-Update 1.1.1-


Important! -Update 1.1.0-
8 months ago

-Update 1.1.0-


    Hello community.We are happy to announce that the -Update 1.1.0- is finally LIVE.

    After many weeks of hard thoughts we finally decided to publish the first ever official update of our Minecraft Community Server.

    With this updated...

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