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Important! -Update 1.1.1_b-
3 months ago

-Update 1.1.1_b-


Important! -Update 1.1.1-
3 months ago

-Update 1.1.1-


Important! -Update 1.1-
4 months ago

-Update 1.1-


    Hello community.We are happy to announce that the -Update 1.1- is finally LIVE.

    After many weeks of hard thoughts we finally decided to publish the first ever official update of our Minecraft Community Server.

    With this update...

Important! Now all jobs have weekend bonuses.
4 months ago

Hello everyone!

We announce that starting today, every weekend, all jobs will have the following increased bonuses:

  • x2 money bonus
  • x2 experience bonus

Bonuses will be available from Friday 12:00 until Sunday at 00:00 (EEST)

We hope you enjoy this new update. Have a nice day.

Important! Help us improve the server.
4 months ago

Hello everyone.

We want to make a lot of improvements to the server, but some require funds that are unfortunately not present at this time 😢.

We want in this way to appeal to your kindness and to ask you for your help, any donation will be welcome regardless of the amount.

We will attach below a table of plugins that we want to purchase for our survival server, along with all the necessary information:

Thanks in advance to all the players who will want to help the server. We want to mention once again that no one is obligated to do so!

Whoever wants to help can do it by visiting the

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